Our flagship business.


Agtalent is a global marketplace for training and consulting services in the sustainable agriculture industry.

Agtalent is dedicated to supporting learners, farmers and agribusiness professionals to up-skill for the sustainable and regenerative future of agriculture. We believe that human capital is the most critical limiting factor when it comes to business success in a changing world. It takes the right access to training, support services and skilled team members for agribusinesses to be able to thrive.

Agtalent will support the continued professional development of individuals and teams, in order to accelerate the global shift to an agriculture system that embraces technology, nourishes people and works in harmony with natural systems.


What we do.

We launch businesses and selectively provide professional services to purpose driven companies across the food and fibre supply chains. Our specialties lie in agtech, web development, digital solutions architecture, investment readiness, impact investment brokerage, recruitment, training, project management and new business development.

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Why we do it.

Farmfolk exists to shift the global food and fibre sectors towards regenerative practices. We believe it is possible to both feed the world AND regenerate the earth at the same time. The future relies on the agriculture industry evolving to meet the challenges of a growing population and increased pressure on earths natural resources. We believe that technological advances coupled with human ingenuity, passion and learning to work in partnership with nature are the keys to meeting these challenges.

We strive to:

  • Accelerate the adoption of land management and business practices that regenerate the environment.

  • Create easier pathways for talented people to thrive in the food and fibre industries.

  • Support the businesses and people transforming the food and fibre industries for the better.