Farmfolk is a marketplace for agricultural learning experiences and employment. 

what we do

Farmfolk makes it easier than ever for anyone to post and promote agricultural learning experiences and job opportunities online.

As a Farmfolk user you can search for peer reviewed learning experiences to match your interests and skill level. We have a network of awesome hosts all around Australia who offer farm tours, diverse and immersive volunteering opportunities as well as hands on workshops to get some dirt under your nails. For those looking for more formal learning opportunities there are structured farm internships, residentials, courses and incubator programs available too. Think of Farmfolk as a choose-your-own-adventure model of learning. 

All along the way you can build a Farmfolk Profile to keep track of your training history and work experience. Ultimately your profile will allow you to be connected to employment, self-employment or farm ownership opportunities.

Farmfolk exists to get more people working in agriculture, for a season or a lifetime.

Our Purpose

We believe that it is possible to feed the world AND regenerate the earth at the same time. With a little help, and effective ways of transferring existing wisdom, we know the next generation can both feed the world and regenerate the earth.

The Farmfolk idea came about because it is really difficult for people from non-farming backgrounds to find a pathway into an agriculture career, despite the growing skilled worker shortage. And also because we know that for our planet to survive we need to simultaneously increase food production, be more efficient, reduce waste and transition to agricultural practices that regenerate the earth.

Given that the average age of farmers is 56 and that a huge portion of all farmland is projected to change hands in the next decade, we have a unique opportunity to unlock the potential of a new generation of ag talent, by supporting young people to craft their own self-directed learning pathways into the agriculture careers of tomorrow.

Our Impact Goals

We are a purpose driven business and strive to achieve the following social and environmental outcomes:

  1. Provide easier pathways for young people to build careers in the agriculture sector.
  2. Alleviate the workforce shortage crippling Australian agriculture.
  3. Enliven rural communities by attracting more people to regional Australia.
  4. Create a much needed ancillary revenue stream for battling Australian farmers.
  5. Promote faster practical uptake of regenerative agriculture practices.


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