Discover a world of opportunities...

The Farmfolk platform hosts a whole range of learning experiences for people of all skill levels. There is something out there for everyone, whether you want to learn a bit more about where your food comes from, are dreaming of a farm life or are determined to find a career in agriculture. The following experiences are currently hosted on Farmfolk: 




Get out into the country to meet the people who grow your food. Farm tours are usually short days out on a working farm to connect to where your food comes from, sample some produce and soak in some country air.




Want to get your hands dirty and get a taste of agriculture? Workshops are short hands-on sessions where you can learn practical farming skills. Learn about beekeeping or milking a cow, and everything in between.



For those on an agricultural pathway, there are a range of more advanced and structured farm learning opportunities that extend over weeks, months or years. Farmfolk curates a selection of the best on-farm education programs available.




Internships are placement programs where you learn by working as part of a team. You can expect informal mentoring and to learn on the job, rather than a structured program. Internships usually last for a few weeks or months and are a fantastic way to really understand how a business works. 




Residentials are live-in farm learning experiences where you work as part of a farming team during a program that usually last a month or more. You can expect your learning experience to be structured and guided by your hosts. These immersions are not for the faint hearted and are specifically for people on a farming pathway.



Incubators are structured programs where you get the chance to micro-test your own business with the support of a farmer or organisation. These programs usually involve the provision or leasing of land and equipment , as well as business development mentoring. 



Want to give a little back to the people and land that feeds you? A volunteer experience will give you that deep sense of satisfaction that comes from a hard days work and giving someone a helping hand.



We are currently building the tools needed to be able to post jobs opportunities. In the meantime you can create a Farmfolk profile to start building your skills and experience. It will help you get matched to the perfect job.



Wwoofing is a a great way to explore Australia and learn a little along the way. Wwoofers offer a few hours of work a day in exchange for accomodation and sometimes meals. Stays can be for days, weeks or months and there generally is not structured training involved. 

If you still aren't sure about the different types of experience. Try checking out our learning experience criteria page to get a bit more specific. Or just get in touch and we can help you out.