There has never been a more exciting time to kick start a career in agriculture.

We believe that the best way to get started in an agricultural career is to get your hands dirty and learn by doing. But we understand how hard it is to find and decide on the best learning experiences.

That's why we partner with a network of Farmfolk hosts who deliver farmer-led training on working farms across the country. Our platform is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all of Australia's agricultural learning experiences. Our ratings and reviews will help you to choose something that's just right for you. Your Farmfolk Profile is basically an online CV to record your work experience and training, and to share it with potential employers. 

We are here to support you on your learning journey, wherever it takes you.

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Create a profile.

A Farmfolk Profile is your ticket to a self-directed learning journey. You can upload your work experience, training history, a profile pic and get verified references. Think of it as an online CV.

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Get experience

As you learn and gain experience your Farmfolk profile will record your history as well as reviews from hosts. The more experiences you attend, jobs you take and good reviews you get, the higher your profile will rank in searches.

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Unlock Opportunities

As your profile improves you will unlock a whole range of new options. High ranking Farmfolk profiles will be matched to exclusive learning experiences, jobs and even farm ownership opportunities. 

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Build Your Profile

Your Farmfolk profile is your passport to a career in agriculture. Your profile will record your attendance at learning programs or work experience. You can list your employment and study history, get referees to verify your skills and write a bio to share your story. 

The best profiles unlock the best opportunities. So get out there and start learning!  

Taking you from zero to farmer

Farmfolk has a partnership with farm matchmaking platform Cultivate Farms to support young farmers to achieve their farm ownership dreams. Cultivate Farms matches aspiring farmers with retiring farmers and investors to own and operate a farm together. Anyone with the passion, a strong track record and a potential farm in mind, can submit a farm pitch to Cultivate Farms.

Farmfolk and Cultivate Farms are partnering with leading agricultural investors in Australia to hand-pick the highest ranking Farmfolk users for some unique opportunities. We are working on a farm-ready program that will support and mentor high potential young farmers in creating, testing and implementing a viable farm business plan. Along with the chance to pitch for investment, we will also offer farm management opportunities that will allow you to slowly earn equity in a farm over time.

Stay tuned for more information. And start building that profile!

Agriculture is changing

Careers in agriculture are shifting rapidly and the next generation of farmers are going to need to respond to three big forces changing agriculture employment forever. Farmfolk is underpinned by a desire to support the agriculture sector to adapt to the future. We encourage learning opportunities that support aspiring agricultural talent to adapt to the future and also share news and information on our blog

1. Conscious Consumption.

Consumer expectations are forcing agriculture to shift rapidly to more environmentally sustainable, ethical and transparent modes of production. Future ag talent will need to be skilled in regenerative agriculture techniques as well as direct marketing and community management as baseline skillsets.

2. Freelancing.

The traditional education model of completing study and then getting a job for life is dead. Employment of the future will involve managing part time work and multiple contracts (gigs) simultaneously. Lifelong self-directed learning pathways will support ever changing careers.

3. Agtech.

Precision agriculture and robotics will likely automate menial labour, but will also require a workforce with increasingly technical skills and will create a range of new and exciting jobs.


We believe that the future of our planet relies on a global transition towards regenerative agricultural practices that nurture soil health, improve landscapes, drawdown carbon and produce nutrient dense food.

While our platform is open to anyone to use, we focus on supporting farmers who are caring stewards of the land. We don’t care whether you subscribe to carbon farming, no-till, conservation agriculture, biological farming, polyculture farming, holistic management, mob grazing, silvo-pasture, regenerative, organic, biodynamic, permaculture, spray free or anything in between. We believe the future of Australian agriculture demands a push towards sustainability, efficiency, zero waste and ethical production. We will support this transition however we can.

We exist to get more people working in agriculture, for a season or a lifetime. We know that with a little help and a tranfer of wisdom, the next generation can feed the world and save it at the same time.