how farmfolk started

The Farmfolk idea was dreamt up one night (literally) in the back of a camper touring around the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. Farmfolk cofounder Lachy and his partner Jess, were on a break from managing Mossy Willow Farm in Southern Victoria, when the idea struck.

Mossy Willow was in the process of expanding its courses and internship program for young farmers. Time and time again these passionate aspiring farmers were leaving Mossy Willow with no clear pathway forward. How could they keep going in agriculture? How could they possibly consider a career in agriculture without inheriting a farm? There were just no clear learning pathways outside of formal mainstream education.

After a bit more digging around they quickly learnt that this is a huge problem Australia wide. A growing number of young people, often from the city, are interested in finding hands-on learning pathways into agriculture and farmers are desperate to find talented workers. In fact, Australian agriculture is in the midst of a workforce crisis and is changing so quickly that everyone (not just young people) would benefit from more on-farm learning opportunities.

6 months later Lachy teamed up with Jess’s brother Bob to start working on a website that connects people offering on-farm learning experiences or jobs, with people looking to learn or earn.

The cofounders


lachy ritchie

Lachy's earliest memory is being licked on the face by Ruby the Jersey cow while he stood at the window in his cot. She must have made an impression! After growing up farming in Western Victoria, Lachy spent the better part of a decade working in the city. During this time he co-founded three social purpose businesses; Dismantle, BikeDr and Sprout Ventures. Returning to his passion for regenerative agriculture in 2016, Lachy spent two years working with Impact Investment group Small Giants, alongside a great team to setup the biointensive market garden at Mossy Willow Farm and is currently working with Odonata to integrate biodiversity conservation with regenerative agriculture. Lachy is a keen (but very average) surfer, loves being outdoors and lives for bushwalks with his wife and daughter.


BoB Ledger

Bobs passion is to serve as a bridge between the technical world of code with the real world of humans. With experience spanning across customer service for apple, the financial services sector to supporting corporations and government build enterprise solutions. All technical stuff aside, what Bob is really great at is understanding people and helping to relate their needs into tech solutions. In his spare time he loves making music on the guitar and relaxing with friends and family.  His first jobs out of high school were working in the Margaret River wine industry but found he was a danger to himself when armed with a pair of secateurs and reckons its a better idea to help other people become farmers.